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It is an enormous public burden to place and keep a person behind bars.

In Pennsylvania, it costs more than $42,000 per year to keep one person in the state corrections system, and this does not count all the expenses it takes to first place a person into incarceration. Outside of public expenditures, the cost to victims and the families of those in corrections is massive, including legal fees, phone calls, transportation time and expense, loss of income and family support, and separated families.

2 out of 3 

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People released from state corrections are rearrested for a new offense.

63% of parolees 

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 Return to corrections within three years.

About half of reentrants 

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Are reincarcerated within three years of their release.

When returning to society, these men and women face immense systemic barriers that are only magnified by incarceration, such as low employment, lack of healthcare, limited education, a prevalence of homelessness, and much more.

Our approach is different. 

With the significant cost of incarceration to states, communities, and families, and the massive coordination involved amongst systems, what if that same effort and investment was put into their reentry to society? What if returning citizens had a comprehensive, fully-invested approach to their exit from incarceration and reentrance into their communities?

At Reimagine Reentry, we believe in meeting people where they are at by providing trauma-informed, wrap-around services to returning citizens. Our Reentry Coaches work 1-on-1 with returning citizens to find equitable solutions to address the challenges of reentry, taking a holistic approach in developing professional, social, and mental skills best tailored to individual success.
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