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Holistic services for returning citizens in Allegheny County.

 Reimagine Reentry aims to address the barriers faced by returning citizens by embracing a holistic, strengths-based approach and providing support in several areas. Our goal is to work with returning citizens for three years. We know - and the research overwhelmingly shows - that if a person is successfully out of prison for that length of time, the likelihood of returning to prison, or 


, drastically decreases. 

Our program is designed to reduce the risk of recidivism by laying a solid foundation for success and growth. Our Reentry Coaching supports returning citizens in all areas of life, working to identify personal strengths and harness their potential to address the barriers they may face. We understand that there are systemic flaws and gaps that add to the statistics, and make returning home and staying home difficult. But our model of reimagining the whole corrections process is to address the whole person with professional care and advocacy. 

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How Our Program Works: 

Enrollment into Reimagine Reentry begins by filling out an application. Once you submit this, we will assess your eligibility and work to schedule you an interview with our staff. Once selected, you will be an active participant with our program for three years. There are four basic components to our program: 


Setting Up 

Apply and enroll in programs for your success. This stage includes: 

  • Getting a job and/or enrolling in a training program 
  • Getting to work on housing, if needed 
  • Securing basic essentials: a phone, documentation and/or ID, starting intake with a program, GED preparation, or any other short-term goal you may have! 


Learn about your skills, needs, and goals. This stage includes: 

  • Establishing long-term housing 
  • Obtaining a stable job 
  • Learning financial management skills 
  • Graduating a training program or reaching training milestone 
  • Celebrate family-building activities, completing treatment, community-building activities, sobriety milestones, and achieving more of your goals 


Work with a reentry coach to create a plan of action and get connected to resources for success. This may include: 

  • Transitioning to long-term employment 
  • Meeting family reunification goals, financial goals, and others 
  • Celebrating engagement with your community, mentoring others, completing treatment programs, sobriety milestones, and more !


All that you need to for success is in place, but we will continue to engage with you to ensure you have the support to move closer to and accomplish your long-term goals. This stage includes: 

  • Preparation for graduating from the Reimagine Reentry program 
  • Living and celebrating the life you’ve built throughout the course of the program! 
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