Cooperative reentry partnership and coaching

Reentry coaching and mentoring is Reimagine Reentry’s process of coming alongside each returning citizen and actively working towards their goals and success, as they define it. Our Reentry Coaches work with returning citizens to explore their strengths, needs and goals, and to develop a plan to help them meet their goals. We believe that returning citizens are deserving of respect and encouragement, and we make sure to engage in a manner centered around those values. We will work together to ensure each client is engaged in programming that keeps them moving forward, including helping them find and apply for any resources in the community to meet their individual needs. We understand that relationships are essential, and we invest in facilitating and developing successful relationships both within and outside of Reimagine Reentry. 

Active, 1-on-1 reentry coaching by professionals trained in various disciplines and possessing awareness of the delicate nature of clients will serve as a solid foundation for reduced recidivism and quality of life. Building rapport and trust, in a trauma-informed environment, is the primary way that Reimagine Reentry motives, coaches, and creates successful outcomes. We work hard to make sure that the relationship built between returning citizens and Reentry Coaches is one of compassion, understanding and mutual respect. As a client, you can always expect your Reentry Coach to maintain a relationship with you that reinforces empathy, self-efficacy, motivation, and opportunity. 

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How Our MC3 Pre-Apprentice Training Works: 

Fill out the Reimagine Reentry program application [link], and indicate your interest in the MC3 training program at the end of the application. Once you submit this, we will assess your eligibility and work to schedule you an interview with our staff. Once selected, you will be an active participant with our program for three years, including your time in the six-week training! There are four basic components to our program: 


Enroll In the Training 

  • In your Reimagine Reentry Program Application, indicate your interest at the bottom of the application 
  • If you are interested, you will interview with our staff to see if the program is a good fit for you  


  • Attend 6 weeks of classes with Reimagine Reentry staff 
  • Visit live construction worksites across the region 
  • Network with the professional connections you make along the way 


  • Earn OSHA, First Aid, and CPR certifications 
  • Improve the skills important to your success in the trades 
  • Get an introduction to power tools and machinery 


  • Get paid! Your participation in the class will be rewarded 
  • Graduate with your cohort and celebrate with your loved ones 
A construction worker moving material and smiling.

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