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Reimagine Reentry runs an in-house training program for those interested in entering a building trades apprenticeship, or any job in the trades! The program is certified by North America’s Building Trades Unions to teach their Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3), which is a pre-apprenticeship training program that introduces returning citizens to the building trades and teaches the necessary skills to apply for a registered apprenticeship. Reimagine Reentry runs several MC3 cohorts throughout the year, and each course runs for six weeks, four hours each weekday, totaling 120 hours. The course includes: 

  • Hands-on learning 
  • Regular reentry coaching 
  • An opportunity to earn multiple certifications, including OSHA and First Aid
  • A graduation for each cohort to celebrate with family and friends 
  • Paid stipend for attendance 

While the MC3 curriculum is Reimagine Reentry’s flagship workforce development program, we also work with a wide array of partners to connect returning citizens to educational opportunities and employment. Our goal is to prepare individuals for sustainable, living-wage jobs, but we also want to help our clients find a career they love!

Are you an employer looking for hard-working, progress-oriented team members?  Let’s connect! 

How Our MC3 Pre-Apprentice Training Works: 

Fill out the Reimagine Reentry program application [link], and indicate your interest in the MC3 training program at the end of the application. Once you submit this, we will assess your eligibility and work to schedule you an interview with our staff. Once selected, you will be an active participant with our program for three years, including your time in the six-week training! There are four basic components to our program: 


Enroll In the Training 

  • In your Reimagine Reentry Program Application, indicate your interest at the bottom of the application 
  • If you are interested, you will interview with our staff to see if the program is a good fit for you  


  • Attend 6 weeks of classes with Reimagine Reentry staff 
  • Visit live construction worksites across the region 
  • Network with the professional connections you make along the way 


  • Earn OSHA, First Aid, and CPR certifications 
  • Improve the skills important to your success in the trades 
  • Get an introduction to power tools and machinery 


  • Get paid! Your participation in the class will be rewarded 
  • Graduate with your cohort and celebrate with your loved ones 
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