Family reunification education

Many of our participants are parents, so re-establishing healthy parent and child interaction is key to Reimagine Reentry. After spending time incarcerated - and away from kids - a parent’s return to home will make things different than they were before. We want to help to make sure that reconnecting and making strong, secure connections is done intentionally and with resilience. Our model of family reunification is largely based on InsideOut Dad® from the National Fatherhood Initiative. Since roughly half of state inmates, and more than half of federal inmates, are parents (and the vast majority of those parents are fathers), parental and fatherhood coaching are an essential service for most returning citizens. 

Women and mothers enrolled in Reimagine Reentry are similarly engaged through coaching, mentorship and programming for moms and their kids. Our program links returning parents to local initiatives, including faith-based and community-based programming and other community education programs

We are always searching for opportunities for families to engage in safe and appropriate activities in the community, with partnerships with local organizations that support family activity and health! 

How Our MC3 Pre-Apprentice Training Works: 

Fill out the Reimagine Reentry program application [link], and indicate your interest in the MC3 training program at the end of the application. Once you submit this, we will assess your eligibility and work to schedule you an interview with our staff. Once selected, you will be an active participant with our program for three years, including your time in the six-week training! There are four basic components to our program: 


Enroll In the Training 

  • In your Reimagine Reentry Program Application, indicate your interest at the bottom of the application 
  • If you are interested, you will interview with our staff to see if the program is a good fit for you  


  • Attend 6 weeks of classes with Reimagine Reentry staff 
  • Visit live construction worksites across the region 
  • Network with the professional connections you make along the way 


  • Earn OSHA, First Aid, and CPR certifications 
  • Improve the skills important to your success in the trades 
  • Get an introduction to power tools and machinery 


  • Get paid! Your participation in the class will be rewarded 
  • Graduate with your cohort and celebrate with your loved ones 
A construction worker moving material and smiling.

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